Children benefit when they are supported at home with their learning, which is why at Ark Start, working in close partnership with our families is one of our five key principles.

There is plenty families can do to support learning at home – from when children have just started at nursery all the way through primary and secondary school….. here are some ideas

  • Establish a Routine: Establishing a daily routine helps children develop good habits and routines that support their learning. This might include setting aside a regular time for reading, homework, and other learning activities but also means eating regularly (and healthily!) and having a regular bedtime.
  • Encourage storytelling: Encourage a love of reading by telling stories to your children and discussing them. This might be by reading books but you can also share your own stories or traditional tales. Visiting the library is also a great way to build an interest in reading and find new interests.
  • Provide opportunities for learning: Provide opportunities for children to learn through play and exploration, such as puzzles, games, and art activities. Encourage children to ask questions and develop their curiosity about the world around them – this is something that can be done when out and about whether at a friend’s or on the bus.
  • Foster a positive attitude: Foster a positive attitude towards learning by providing praise and encouragement. Emphasize the importance of effort and perseverance over achievement.
  • Involve the family: Learning activities can take place in lots of places – while doing the cooking, going shopping or taking public transport as well as more child-focused activities such as going to the park or visiting the library. By involving the whole family in these activities and encouraging children to participate, for example, by allowing them to help prepare dinner, families can create a positive learning environment and promote a love of learning for everyone.